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Channel the essence of vintage optometry with our 1929 Vintage Exam Chair and Stand Patent Art Canvas, a piece that marries the golden age of eye care with contemporary aesthetics. This canvas is the perfect statement for an eyecare practice, or a unique gift for optometrists, opticians, and those with an appreciation for the history of eyewear and eye care.

Each wrap is produced on a finely textured, artist-grade cotton substrate, enabling the reproduction of the patent image in outstanding clarity and intricate detail. The quality of the 100% cotton fabric is palpable, with a 13.5 mil thickness and 400gsm weight, providing a highly durable canvas for a print that will maintain its gorgeous appearance for years to come.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit different spaces and preferences, these closed-back canvases are constructed with a patented, solid support face to ensure a consistently tight and flat display. The addition of a closed MDF backing offers an extra layer of protection, reinforcing the canvas as a premium choice for indoor settings.

Whether adorning the walls of a professional practice or adding a historical touch to a home office, this Vintage Exam Chair and Stand Patent Art Canvas is a nod to the past with a sleek, modern presentation. It's not just decor; it's a piece of history that brings depth, character, and a story to any room it graces.

1929 Vintage Optometry Chair and Stand Patent Art | Wrap Canvas

  • Returns or Exchanges

    All items are made to order. Should you have any questions regarding your item PLEASE reach out to me directly before placing your order so I can make sure you receive exactly what you’re looking for. I will absolutely reprint or replace any item due to printing or quality issues. I DO NOT refund or replace for minor color variations or if you’ve chosen and incorrect color or size.



    For the best fit, please follow the size chart that accompanies each item. I suggest you take your favorite-fitting item from your closet (t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.) lay it on a flat surface, and measure according to the size chart for your chosen item.



    All items are shipped directly from the print company. Occasionally, they won’t catch a mistake they have made and I would like to have the opportunity to fix it before you leave a poor review.


    If you have a PRINT or QUALITY issues, PLEASE contact me within 14 days of delivery so I can correct the problem. I want you to love your items!

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