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Revel in the artistry of optical history with our 1927 Vintage Eyeglasses Frame Patent Canvas, an exquisite piece of art that blends a bygone era's ingenuity with modern-day craftsmanship. This canvas is a splendid addition to any eyecare practice and an exceptional gift idea for optometrists, opticians, or anyone charmed by the evolution of eyewear.

Meticulously printed on a finely textured, artist-grade cotton substrate, this canvas captures the intricacies of the vintage eyeglasses frame patent with precision, ensuring each line and curve is reproduced in outstanding clarity. The high-caliber 100% cotton fabric, with a significant thickness of 13.5 mil and a weight of 400gsm, promises durability and a long-lasting presence. We offer a selection of sizes to complement various environments, from intimate clinic rooms to expansive office walls. Each canvas features a closed back, reinforced with a patented solid support face that prevents sagging and ensures a permanently tight display. The presence of a closed MDF backing provides an additional layer of protection, solidifying the canvas's quality and safeguarding your investment.

Ideal for an indoor setting, this Vintage Eyeglasses Frame Patent Canvas speaks to the timeless appeal of optical fashion and the enduring pursuit of vision enhancement. It stands as more than just a decorative element—it's a conversation starter, a tribute to the pioneers of eyewear, and an inspiration for the visionaries of today.

1927 Vintage Eyeglasses Frame Patent Canvas

  • Returns or Exchanges

    All items are made to order. Should you have any questions regarding your item PLEASE reach out to me directly before placing your order so I can make sure you receive exactly what you’re looking for. I will absolutely reprint or replace any item due to printing or quality issues. I DO NOT refund or replace for minor color variations or if you’ve chosen and incorrect color or size.



    For the best fit, please follow the size chart that accompanies each item. I suggest you take your favorite-fitting item from your closet (t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.) lay it on a flat surface, and measure according to the size chart for your chosen item.



    All items are shipped directly from the print company. Occasionally, they won’t catch a mistake they have made and I would like to have the opportunity to fix it before you leave a poor review.


    If you have a PRINT or QUALITY issues, PLEASE contact me within 14 days of delivery so I can correct the problem. I want you to love your items!

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