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Throwback Thursday a time before a new baby and before COVID. I traveled for work, averaging 100 miles a day in my car, a few nights a month in a hotel, and seeing the inside of Denver International Airport every couple of months - just enough to keep my wanderlust in check. With that came a certain traveling momentum. My toiletries were always packed and it took no thought to pack for a week whether it was for work or fun. It was pretty great! I made a conscious decision to leave that work life in favor of staying closer to home when it became clear the work travel was only increasing, not decreasing, and I don't regret it for a second. I am so thankful for the extra time with all of my boys (furry ones included)...but I miss traveling...both alone and with my family! I haven't been out of the state since December! DECEMBER! I can't remember the last time I spent this many consecutive nights in my own bed (the night in the hospital to have the baby does -not- count, though the food was pretty good). A friend who travels for work was telling me the other day that she'd spent 4 hours watching MSNBC in her hotel room and about her room service and overpriced drink and that.sounded.amazing. Yep, I'm to the point with COVID that cable news and overpriced drinks are something I miss. I might need help. But what I really need is a vacation, and I'd even take my family with me at this point. When I left traveling for work I expected it would leave more time for us to travel as a family, but then everyone had lots of plans pre-COVID. I'm able to look at the 10 months I've spent at home, literally longer than ever before in my adult life - if not my entire life, and really see that a bit of travel is important to me. I have friends who are off to a different city weekly and that's not what I need, but at least every few months a change of scenery is due. It disrupts your normal routine, makes you stretch and grow. It's not always pretty, especially when there are kids involved, but it's good for everyone to have to adapt and live a little differently for a bit. Nobody knows what things look like moving forward but we'll surely have to adapt to a new normal - safely. That might look like road trips or weekends camping instead of cruises and trips to Europe, but I'm determined to get out and do it. So! Where are we going when the world reopens? I'll pack the snacks.

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