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"I'm a doctor, why do I need to be on Social Media?"

Social media used to be something just the kids used. Well, guess what? Now those kids are adults with jobs and spending money. Those "kids" are who you want to be your new patients to keep your practice alive and thriving. Beyond the kids, suggests that two-thirds of adults aged 50-64 and 43% of adults 65+ are on Facebook. With a whopping 90% of all adults in the U.S. having at least one social media account you need to get your name out there. The days of advertising in the phone book are long gone and these sites have taken their place, going from a place to post pictures of your meals to valuable, money-making, search engines. If someone is looking for a new healthcare provider they will most often go from google search to the provider's website and then hop on to social media to check out activity and reviews. No web presence at all? Not a good first impression. An old, stale, presence that hasn't been updated in months or even years? Yikes. As a doctor, is that how you handle changing technology? Are you stuck in your ways and not willing to give something new a chance? Or do you give it a shot and then bail on it when it takes too much time and effort? New technologies DO take a lot of time and effort and while Glimpse can't help you stay up-to-date with the latest medical equipment we CAN help you stay up-to-date online. There are more people now than ever spending their days on the internet so let us help by updating that old website and keeping your social media accounts fresh and current!


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